The scheduler object

The scheduler object describes the execution trigger and schedule.

Scheduler properties

    "id": 178895,
    "name": "Untitled",
    "startTime": "2022-12-11T08:05:00.000+0000",
    "active": true,
    "interval": 1,
    "intervalUnit": "WEEK",
    "runConfigurationId": 428934

A scheduler object has the following properties:

idintegerThe unique identifier of the scheduler.
namestringThe name of the scheduler.
startTimedatetimeThe date and time when the execution starts.
nextTimedatetimeThe date and time for the next iteration of the execution.
endTimedatetimeThe date and time when the execution should stop.
activebooleantrue when then associated run configuration is repeatedly scheduled or saved for manual trigger.

See: Execute test runs manually.
intervalintegerHow many intervals until the next execution. Applied when execution is repeated.
intervalUnitstringThe interval unit in use:


  • HOUR

  • DAY

  • WEEK


runConfigurationIdintegerThe ID of the run configuration associated with the scheduler.
exceededLimitTimebooleantrue if the execution exceeded the TestCloud execution time limit.