Get details of a test case

A successful request to this endpoint returns details of a specified test case.


This request uses the GET method, which is used to retrieve data of a specific test case from the specified resource.

For basic authorization, replace this with your actual username and password (or API key) in the header request in the username:password or username:api_key format. Your user creds are combined to form a Base64 encoded string.

You need to provide the following required query parameters:

  • id: the alphanumeric ID of the test case.


The response is in JSON. This API response provides detailed information about the test case after the GET operation.

See the following example:

	"name":"TC_Book An Agent",
	"path":"Test Cases/TC Katalon Health Care",
	"project": {...},
	"lastExecutionTestCase": {

Refer to the following table about the response body parameters:

idintegerThe unique identifier of the test case.
namestringThe name of the test case.
pathstringThe file folder location of the test case in TestOps.
aliasstringThe alias for the test class used in a test script.
webUrlstringThe URL of the test case detail page.
projectproject objectThe project object associated with the test case.
lastExecutionTestCaselastExecutionTestCase objectThis object contains details of the latest execution of a test case, including execution status, total tests executed, duration, execution ID, and start and end times.
externalIssuesArray of externalIssues objects
averageDurationintegerThe mean average time running an execution in a test case.
maxDurationintegerThe maximum time it takes for an execution to run in a test case.
minDurationintegerThe shortest or minimum time it takes for an execution to run in a test case.
flakinessintegerThe number of times the status of test results changes over the total number of test results.
testResultAssertionArray of testResultAssertion objectsTest case assertion logs or scripts.
updatedAtstringThe date and time when the test case was last updated.
numberOfExecutionsintegerThe number of executions done in the test case.
urlIdstringThe unique URL identifier of a test case.

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