The Release resource

This resource refers to releases. Use the release resource to access release information using simple query or by using advance filters. You can also create a new release, update, archive or unarchive a specific release.

For more information, refer to the following documentation: Introduction to test planning.


Response body sample

  "id": 299421,
  "name": "Demo test",
  "startTime": "2022-11-29",
  "endTime": "2022-12-29",
  "projectId": xxx,
  "closed": false,
  "createdAt": "2022-11-29T08:32:49.534+0000",
  "externalRelease": {},
  "releaseStatistics": {},
  "builds": [],
  "releaseStatus": "EMPTY"

Refer to the following table about the response body parameters:

idintegerThe unique identifier of the release.
namestringThe name of the release.
startTimedateThe date when the planning of release should start.
endTimedateThe date when the release should end.
descriptionstringThe description of the release.
projectIdintegerThe ID of the associated project.
closedbooleantrue if the release is archived.
createdAtdatetimeThe date and time when the release is created.
externalReleaseExternalRelease objectThe linked Jira release.
See: Populate Jira releases.
releaseStatisticsReleaseStatistics objectThis object contains statistics of the release: passed test cases, failed test cases, defects, etc.
buildsarray of build objectsThe associated builds.
See: Create and manage builds.
releaseStatusstringThe status of the release: