Export and download a test run

A successful request to this endpoint exports and downloads a test run summary file in the specified format (PDF, CSV, XSLX, ZIP, or HAR).


This request uses the GET method, which is used to retrieve and export the details of a specific test run or execution from the specified resource.

For basic authorization, replace this with your actual username and password (or API key) in the header request in the username:password or username:api_key format. Your user creds are combined to form a Base64 encoded string.

Provide the following required query parameters:

  • id: the alphanumeric ID of the test run or execution. This is required.
  • fileType: The file type you wish to download the test run or execution report as. You may choose either CSV, PDF, XSLX, ZIP, or HAR.


If authorized, the API response provides a download link of the test run or execution report formatted in the fileType selected. If you have not provided the fileType, the default is in CSV.

For more information, see Download report files using REST API.

Try it!

  1. Enter the test run ID and select the file type below.
  2. Select the language in Language.
  3. Enter your user name or API credentials.
  4. Review your API call and click Try it!
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