Introduction to TestOps API

TestOps API allows you to interact with the Katalon Platform and create integrations with other tools and frameworks. These integrations can help enhance your test orchestration activities, including:

  • Release & Build: Manage test assets for each release.

  • Test Management: Create and query information on test resources for integrations, such as test suites, test cases, and test objects.

  • Environment Configuration: Set up your test execution agents to automate your test pipeline.

  • Scheduling: Interact with the Smart Scheduler to create and trigger test runs.

  • Test Execution: Manage your test execution sessions and test runs.

  • Test Report: Manage your test results and test reports.

API access is over HTTPS and begins with All data is sent and received as JSON.

API rate limit

To ensure optimal performance and availability for all users, TestOps imposes an API rate limit.

TestOps allows up to 2000 requests per 5 minutes per IP.

Users who request many API calls repeatedly may receive an error status code 429 - Too Many Requests. See Errors for more information.