Get all projects

A successful request to this endpoint returns all projects.


By default, this endpoint returns the first page of results (page 0).


This request uses the GET method, which is used to retrieve all projects under a specific team organization from the specified resource.

For basic authorization, replace this with your actual username and password (or API key) in the header request in the username:password or username:api_key format. Your user creds are combined to form a Base64 encoded string.

The request data is provided as a JSON object. You need to provide the following required query parameters:

  • id: the alphanumeric ID of the team organization. You can find this from Home > Organization (or if you have Administrator access, at


This API response provides a collection of test project objects for a specified team organization.

Here's an example of a test project object:

  "id": 934901,
  "name": "First Project",
  "teamId": xxx,
  "team": {
    "id": xxx,
    "name": "Katalon team",
    "organization": {
      "id": 975092,
      "name": "API Testing",
    "organizationId": xxx
  "status": "ACTIVE"

Refer to the following table about the response body parameters:

idintegerThe unique identifier of the project.
namestringThe name of the project.
teamIdintegerThe ID of the parent team.
teamteam objectThe object that describes the team.
statusstringThe current status of the project: ARCHIVE or ACTIVE.

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