This resource refers to builds. Use the build resource to access build information using simple query or by using advance filters. You can also create a new build, and update or delete a specific build.


For more information, refer to the following documentation: Create and manage builds in TestOps.

Response body sample

  "id": 77645,
  "projectId": xxx,
  "releaseId": 299340,
  "buildStatistics": {
    "id": 57198,
    "totalExecution": 1,
    "totalPassed": 3,
    "totalFailed": 0
  "name": "Demo",
  "description": ""

Refer to the following table about the response body parameters:

idintegerThe unique identifier of the build.
projectIdintegerThe ID of the associated project.
releaseIdintegerThe ID of the associated release.
buildStatisticsBuildStatistics objectThis object contains statistics of the build: number of executions, passed test cases, failed test cases.
namestringThe name of the build.
descriptionstringThe build description.
datedate-timeThe date and time when the build is created.