Map/link test case to a Jira issue

A successful request to this endpoint links an external issue to a TestOps (TO) Test Case, facilitating JIRA integration with TestOps.


This request uses the POST method, which is used to submit data to be processed to the specified resource. You can link a JIRA issue to a test case using this method.

For basic authorization, replace this with your username and password (or API key) in the header request in the username:password or username:api_key format. Your user creds are combined to form a Base64 encoded string.

To obtain the projectID in TestOps, go to your project and retrieve the projectId from the URL.

The request data is provided as a JSON object in the --data option. It includes the following fields:

  • issueId: The ID of the external issue you want to link with the Test Case.
    • To get the issueId, open your Jira app, locate the test execution issue, and copy the ID from the URL.
  • objectType: By default, this should always be "TEST_CASE" for linking a test case.
  • objectId: The Test Case ID that you wish to link.
    • To get the objectId in TestOps, navigate to your project, go to Tests > Test Cases, then open the Test Case you want to link and copy the ID from the URL.


The response is in JSON. This API response provides information about the linked test case after an update (POST) operation. Some fields remain the same, while others may have been modified due to the update.

The response includes details such as the test case's execution history, project information, and various statistics related to the test case.

See the following example:

    "issueId": "DEM-28",
    "summary": "Test execution 2",
    "status": "To Do",
    "issueTypeIcon": "",
    "issueTypeName": "Test Execution",
    "url": "",
    "projectKey": "DEM",
    "assignee": "",
    "issueTimestamp": 1701329023430,
    "fixVersions": [],
    "priority": "Medium",
    "deleted": false,
    "avatarUrl": "",
    "statusCategory": "TO_DO",
    "issueCreated": "2023-11-30T07:23:34.566+0000"

Refer to the following table about the response body parameters:

issueIdstringThe ID of the Jira issue.
summarystringA brief summary of the Jira issue.
statusstringRefers to the current status of the Linked Jira issue.
issueTypeIconstring A URL to the Jira issue icon.
issueTypeNamestringThe name of the Jira issue type.
urlstringThe linked Jira issue URL.
projectKeystringThe key of the project the Jira issue belongs to.
assigneestringThe assignee of the Jira issue. If unassigned, the value is "".
issueTimestampintegerThe timestamp when the Jira issue was linked.
stringVarious details about the Jira issue.

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