Get a local agent

A successful request to this endpoint retrieves the details of a specified local agent.


This request uses the GET method, which is used to retrieve information about a specific local agent from the specified resource.

For basic authorization, replace this with your actual username and password (or API key) in the header request in the username:password or username:api_key format. Your user creds are combined to form a Base64 encoded string.

The request data is provided as a JSON object. You need to provide the following required query parameters:

  • id: the alphanumeric ID of the local agent ID. You can find this in the Configurations > Test Environment in Katalon TestOps.


This API response provides a comprehensive summary of the test result, including information about the test case, execution details, platform, attachments, and more.

See the following example:

  "id": 12014256,
  "name": "My Agent",
  "ip": null,
  "uuid": "string",
  "lastPing": "2023-12-20T09:37:38.218Z"
  "os": "string",
  "teamId": 0,
  "hostname": "string",
  "active": true,
  "threshold": 0,
  "numExecutingJobs": 0,
  "numAssignedJobs": 0,
  "agentVersion": "string",
  "deleted": true

Refer to the following table about the response body parameters:

idstringThe agent ID.
namestringLabel name of the agent.
ipstringThe IP address associated with the agent.
uuidstringUniversally Unique Identifier for the agent.
lastPingstringThe timestamp of the agent's last ping, indicating the time it communicated with the system.
osstringThe operating system on which the agent is running.
teamIdstringIdentifier for the team to which the agent belongs.
hostnamestringThe hostname associated with the agent.
activeBooleanIndicates whether the agent is currently active or not.
thresholdintegerAgent threshold.
numExecutingJobsintegerThe number of jobs currently being executed by the agent.
numAssignedJobsintegerThe number of jobs assigned to the agent.
agentVersionintegerThe version of the agent.
deletedBooleanIndicates whether the agent is marked as deleted or not.

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