This resource refers to test suites. Use the test suite resource to access execution logs and/or test suite reports.


Response body sample

  "id": 156008586,
  "testCase": {...},
  "execution": {...},
  "platform": {...},
  "status": "PASSED",
  "stdoutId": 335943568,
  "descriptionId": 335943569,
  "logId": 335943570,
  "attachments": [{...}],
  "testResultAssertionsFailed": [],
  "startTime": "2022-11-25T05:25:14.604+0000",
  "endTime": "2022-11-25T05:25:31.272+0000",
  "duration": 16668,
  "sameFailureResults": [],
  "testSuite": {...},
  "executionTestSuite": {...},
  "incidents": [],
  "profile": "default",
  "hasComment": false,
  "webUrl": "",
  "externalIssues": [],
  "totalDefects": 0,
  "totalAssertion": 1,
  "passedAssertion": 1,
  "failedAssertion": 0,
  "retried": false,
  "originalStatus": "PASSED",
  "statusEdited": false,
  "urlId": "156008586-tc1_verify-successful-login"

Refer to the following table about the response body parameters:

idintegerThe unique identifier of the test result.
testCasetest case objectThe test case associated with the test result.
executiontest run ] objectThe test run that contains the test result.
platformobjectThe execution environment of the test case, including: OS, browser, device, etc.
statusstringThe execution status of the associated test case: PASSED, FAILED, ERROR, INCOMPLETE, RUNNING, SKIPPED, NOT_RUN.
attachmentsarray of file objectsA list of screenshots and recorded videos to see what went wrong when the test case failed.
testResultAssertionsFailedarray of failed assertion objectsFailed assertion logs.
startTimedate-time objectThe date and time when the test case execution started.
endTimedate-time objectThe date and time when the test case execution ended.
durationintegerHow long the test case execution took (in miliseconds).
errorMessagestringThis message shows the error summary and information about the execution session.
errorDetailstringDetailed execution log.
webUrlstringThe URL of the TestOps page that displays the test result.
failedTestResultCategorystringIf this is a failed test result, this property shows the failure category: APPLICATION, AUTOMATION, ENVIRONMENT, or UNKNOWN.